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LPub3D icon Generate virtual LEGO constructions by using this application that provides you with a broad variety of useful, relevant features

If you are a LEGO enthusiast, you probably considered creating blueprints of your constructions on your computer. However, lacking appropriate means of doing so can turn it into a tedious, difficult task.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a vast collection of software solutions that might come in handy if you find yourself in the above situation, such as LPub3D.

Please be aware that this application requires LDraw engine and LDraw libraries on your computer in order to function properly.

Rich user interface

Installing this program on your computer can be quite tricky as it requires you to perform certain configurations. However, if your computer meets all the requirements, setting this utility up can be achieved without efforts, since you only need to define the path to the LDraw engine and libraries.

Its layout encompasses a wide variety of straightforward features that can help you generate your project in an intuitive manner. However, since some of its controls are rather technical, operating them requires you to have medium to advanced PC skills and a good understanding of certain CAD concepts.

Generate digital LEGO constructions

LPub3D enables you to create LEGO-styled constructions on your computer, along with detailed instruction manuals. Since this application is based on the LDraw engine and libraries, it provides you with an extremely functional 3D model viewer, so you can view your creation from several perspectives.

Additionally, you can use the LDraw file editor, in case you need more in-depth control over your projects.

Create detailed instruction books

Aside from generating 3D LEGO-styled construction projects, this program also enables you to produce detailed manuals, thus helping the end-user re-create it in a more intuitive manner.

To sum it up, LPub3D is an advanced utility that can help you generate digital LEGO constructions on your computer while also making it possible to create in-depth instruction manuals. It comes with a rich user interface that integrates a plethora of technical functions.

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LPub3D was reviewed by Vlad Constantinescu
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