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Revizto icon Share and collaborate on AEC-specific projects with the help of this modern-looking and feature-packed utility that allows you to turn your CAD models into navigable 3D environments

Still in its infancy, virtual reality is one of the most immersive and "complete" forms of media available, and it represents, without a doubt, what seems to be a huge part of our future.

Having said that, it's only natural that we are currently seeing a massive boom with all things VR-related, including CAD and AEC software. Take, for example, Revizto, a new-age piece of software that employs the power of VR alongside, sprinkled with cloud-sharing and real-time collaborative features.

Bring your CAD and BIM models to life with the help of this competent collaboration software

The result is a visual collaboration app that is capable of turning BIM or CAD models into navigable 3D environments. Here's what you need to know right off the bat: it can integrate with full-featured CAD apps such as Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, Civil3D, SketchUp, and ArchiCAD. It's compatible with FBX, IFC, BCF, and PDF formats and it comes with support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Before you get started, you might want to take a bit of time and glance over the collection of tutorials which can really help you smooth out the learning curve. The app itself is very well designed, with a modern-looking UI, intuitive layout, and smooth animation effects.

Provides you with multiple sharing and collaboration features

Since the collaborative features are the heart of this app, we'll point out some of the most noteworthy. To start off with, your projects are all uploaded and synchronized in real time so that all your team members have access to the latest versions automatically. You can also revert your revisions or mash together several models to create a more complex project.

In addition, you can share content by exporting your models as 2D sheets, as self-executable files, as well as schedule recurring exports at a day and time of your choosing.

Collaborate on projects, as well as share and edit them with the help of Revizto

Detailed information about any object is instantly available via a simple click, measuring any distance can be achieved thanks to the useful ruler feature and navigation can be made a lot easier with the help of the so-called "viewpoints" that basically make it possible for you to save any spot on your projects. There's also a Sketch Mode that keeps distractions to a bare minimum.

Probably the biggest surprise is the fact that Revizto can also help you visually enhance your model with the help of its built-in Editor. Everything from lighting, materials and another object data-related info can be tweaked to create the most appealing AEC projects.

Turns ordinary CAD or BIM building models into rich virtual reality environments

To conclude, whether you are looking for a new approach for your CAD projects or you simply want to offer your company's clients a more in-depth and palpable view of a model, Revizto is up to the task at hand thanks to its unique blend of virtual reality, sharing, real-time collaboration and CAD technologies.

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Revizto was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
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