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openLISEM icon Simulate floods, run-offs and ground erosion by using complex equations, accessing custom map files and analyzing in-depth graphs

Performing studies on the soil usually requires running tests on a regular basis, as it constantly undergoes multiple changes.

This activity can be very tedious and time-consuming, but, fortunately, there is a simpler way to estimate critical values, by using specialized software, such as openLISEM.

This application requires PCRaster for creating maps, scripts and databases.

Comprehensive user interface

openLISEM comes with a sophisticated layout that encompasses numerous exclusive functions, therefore it may require high knowledge of both geology and computer use.

This application features no traditional configuration menu, as all of its core functions are displayed in the main window, organized in corresponding tabs.

Although all of its parameters are easy to access, they are highly technical and unless you work in the specific field, you might need to consult the user guide multiple times (which comes with many in-depth details).

Complex set of tools

openLISEM includes a wide variety of scientific instruments that can help you simulate floods, run-offs and erosion, if you provide it with sufficient data.

You can customize infiltration attributes by choosing between several models and toggling the inclusion of various elements, such as compacted areas, crusts and percolation.

In addition, it is possible to alter forested areas water interception values by selecting between various tree types (e.g. Pinus, Olive, Eucalypt) or defining your own custom syntax.

Flooding can be conditioned by adding levees and including initial flood level map (if existent) to your process. Furthermore, you can customize this simulation by applying corrections regarding extreme velocity and water level.

Customizable graph view

You can analyze certain information about your process by using detailed graphs, since openLISEM provides you with various details, such as precipitation, run-off, infill, flood depth and flood velocity.

More so, the simulation section allows you to view complex parameters regarding water, sediment, catchment outlet and buffers.

In conclusion, openLISEM can prove to be a highly reliable asset if you are looking for a spatial model for run-offs, floods and erosion that comes with multiple configuration functions.

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openLISEM was reviewed by Vlad Constantinescu
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openLISEM 5.0

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