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SondeMonitor icon Decode radio signals and preview the upper air data that is collected by radio sondes using this simple and straightforward applicatin

SondeMonitor is a lightweight piece of software that can be used by radio amateurs to decode different types of radio signals. Then again, considering that the tool can also pick up telemetry signals from radiosonde ascents in real time, it means that it can also come in handy for educationalists, air traffic system, Glider pilots as well as bounty hunters.

It is worth mentioning that the program can work equally well with analog and digital radiosondes, thanks to the simple UHF scanner receiver. In fact, besides the receiver, the application's requirements include having a basic sound card installed on your motherboard.

The decoded data is displayed in both graphic and table form, so you can easily make a general idea about the identity of the balloon burst instantly. In addition, it packs a smoothing and median filter that enable you to improve the signal to noise ratio of the telemetry. These filters are particularly useful for messages received from analog sondes considering that they commonly lack the error checking mechanism of their digital counterparts.

Speaking of digital sonders, take note that the decoded telemetry can be displayed in real-time using the classic Stueve diagram, which tends to develop as the sonde ascends. As you would expect, it includes extra details about the temperature and humidity against log pressure or altitude and the measured wind data if the GPS telemetry decode is armed.

System requirements

  • UHF receiver and antenna capable of receiving WFM mode (analogue) or NFM mode (digital) on UHF frequencies between 400 and 406 MHz. For reception of the RS92AGP sondes (currently used in Germany)
  • Compatible radiosonde launches within UHF line of sight (up to 300km).

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • 21-day trial

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