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This is the R8.6 product release, the first release of 8.6. It has been put through our full system tests and is suitable for deployment to end-users.

DisplayLink software release 8.6 delivers:

- HDCP 1.x on DL-6950 HDMI output on Windows 10 v1803 onwards with platforms (Intel 7th generation CPU + GPU) and players supporting protected content over indirect displays
- Alternate encoding 2nd preview (registry key switched)
- Ethernet and audio drivers will be upgraded after machine restart when upgrading from Setup.exe on Windows 7-8.1.
- Bug fixes

Issues fixed in 8.6 release (8.6.1204.0/8.6.1165.0)

- DL-3xx0/DL-5xx0: A rare boot condition could show a checkerboard test screen instead of desktop content at power on. (27275)
- Improved behaviour on Internet Explorer 11 not refreshing when lock/unlock Windows 7 in basic mode (27692/28070)
- DL-5xx0: Ethernet autonegotiation may fail to establish a link when the Ethernet cable does not have all 4 pairs present (27903)
- DL-6950: enabled 70 Hz refresh rate for supported resolutions within max pixel clock (27556)
- Some monitors will show blank screen when the resolution is set to 1920x1080 120Hz. (26541)
- Improved interoperability with DisplayPort monitors. (26359, 27917, 26604)
- Fix for a rare reboot of the DL-6xx0 device after a long uptime.(27904) 


- Software Package Version: 8.6.1226.0
- Software Package Date: 30th August 2018
- DisplayLink Ethernet Driver Version: 8.6.587.0
- DisplayLink Audio Driver Version: 8.6.1168.0

Windows 7 - Windows 10 Build 10586:

- DisplayLink Core Software Version: 8.6.1204.0

Windows 10 Build 14393 onwards:

- DisplayLink Graphics Driver Version: 8.6.1165.0

Devices supported:

- DL-6910 / DL-6950
- DL-5500 / DL-5700 / DL-5900 / DL-5910
- DL-41xx
- DL-3100 / DL-3500 / DL-3700 / DL-3900 / DL-3950
- DL115 / DL125 / DL165 / DL195

The DL-3xxx, DL-4xxx (where applicable) and DL-5xxx plus the associated software, is tested to meet the following compliances at the time of release:

- DisplayPort (source 1.2)
- USB 2.0
- DisplayPort ++
- HDCP over HDMI
- HDCP over DVI
- HDMI (source 1.4a)

The DL-6xxx plus the associated software is tested to meet the following compliances at the time of release:

- DisplayPort (source 1.2)
- DisplayPort ++
- USB 2.0
- USB 3.2
- HDMI (source 1.4 and 2.0)

Known Issues and Limitations:

- When upgrading from R8.1, disconnecting and re-plugging the USB of the product using DisplayLink technology is necessary (25057, 25075)
- Windows 7 requires Microsoft KB3033929 or later installed to validate SHA-256 driver signature hashing. SHA1 has been deprecated (23965)
- Devices with mass storage or auto-install are not supported by Windows 10 Anniversary Update UMDF USB driver DisplayLink uses (21959)
- Windows 10 Anniversary Update sets the wrong preferred mode 9124025 (23871)

To install this package please do the following:

- Make sure that all system requirements are met.
- Save the downloadable package on an accessible location (such as your desktop).
- Locate and double-click on the newly-downloaded file.
- Allow Windows to run the file (if necessary).
- Read EULA (End User Licence Agreement) and agree to proceed with the installation process.
- Follow the on-screen instructions.
- Close the wizard and perform a system reboot to allow changes to take effect.

About Graphics Drivers:

While installing the graphics driver allows the system to properly recognize the chipset and the card manufacturer, updating the video driver can bring about various changes.

It can improve the overall graphics experience and performance in either games or various engineering software applications, include support for newly developed technologies, add compatibility with newer GPU chipsets, or resolve different problems that might have been encountered.

When it comes to applying this release, the installation steps should be a breeze, as each manufacturer tries to make them as easy as possible so that each user can update the GPU on their own and with minimum risks (however, check to see if this download supports your graphics chipset).

Therefore, get the package (extract it if necessary), run the setup, follow the on-screen instructions for a complete and successful installation, and make sure you reboot the system so that the changes take effect.

That being said, download the driver, apply it on your system, and enjoy your newly updated graphics card. Moreover, check with our website as often as possible in order to stay up to speed with the latest releases.

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