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GIFfun icon Lightweight and intuitive free Mac OS X app designed to help its users to effortlessly create GIF animations with just a few mouse clicks

GIF animations have been around for a long time and everyone can make them with the right tools. One reliable utility you can use is GIFfun, a free and easy-to-use Mac native application which enables you to quickly create GIF animations.

The GIFfun utility features a very simple and intuitive user interface and comes with quite a few features. First of all, you will be able to drag entire folders with images (slides) or individual images onto the main window.

Allows you to set a custom delay for each frame in your GIFs

You can remove unwanted images by using the "Delete" option from the Edit menu or use CMD + X. Once you add images, you can reorder them by dragging them up or down with your mouse.

In addition, with the help of GIFfun you can set the delay for each image to any value, but several standard values can be selected from the Delay menu of each picture. You can also select the number of loops: from a single loop to any number you prefer.

Furthermore, GIFfun provides an option to set the disposal method, i.e the layering capability of the GIF animation. All the standard options are available: unspecified, do not dispose, restore to background and restore to previous.

Support for creating GIFs using transparent colors

Another option which can be found in the Preferences window is the ability to use a transparent color for your GIFs. You can use a color selector to pick your favorite color.

Two other worth mentioning features can also be toggled on / off: "Global color table" for using the same color for all images, and the ability to minimize the output.

GIFfun provides default values out of the box, and you can restore these values from the Preferences window, if you don't like the changes you've made.

Easy to use yet quite powerful GIF creation app for the Mac

After you've finished creating a GIF, simply click on the "Make GIF" button from the main window. Your GIF will automatically open in your default browser, if "Open Web Browser after GIF is made" from the Misc preferences is selected.

In conclusion, GIFfun is a user-friendly Mac app that comes with a well-rounded set of features that makes it easy to create your own animations with minimum effort.

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GIFfun was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan

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